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Let Rabbi Praver Create Your Dream Wedding

Rabbi Praver will work with couples to make their wedding day as unique as they are. Decades of experience allow Rabbi Praver to seamlessly forge traditional and creative ceremony options to meet the needs of everyone involved in the wedding process. As Jewish families know, a wedding is a coming together of not only the bride and groom, and Rabbi Praver is especially skilled at meeting the needs of the extended family as well as the happy couple. Let Rabbi Praver help make your wedding as elegant, warm, creative and stress-free as possible.

Want to customize your wedding? Interested in having your wedding at a distinctive venue? Rabbi Praver will customize the ceremony to your liking. Rabbi Praver prepares the couple for their wedding and their marriage.He is dedicated and detail oriented. He works with the couple and creatively weaves their dreams into the tapestry of their magical day. 

They are happy and relaxed. It's all about spirituality and sensuality coming together. Rabbi Praver is also a traditionally-trained cantor, and can enhance the wedding ceremony with his nationally-renowned singing voice. Guitar and violin accompaniments are available as well.

Rabbi Praver is easily accessible to couples and their families in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. He is also available for national and international destination weddings. Contact Rabbi Praver now to learn more.

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