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The "Love Doctor"

Rabbi Dr. Shaul Marshall Praver was a first responder at the shooting in Newtown at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. That is when the world first met him on national television and radio. Praver was ordained by the Jerusalem Rabbinate in 1989 and holds a Doctor of Ministry from Hartford Seminary. He is a clinically trained spiritual care provider and a talented cantorial artist. Rabbi Praver was awarded Letter Writer of the Year by C.A.M.A.R.A in 2005, was recognized as one of the 50 most influential American Rabbis by Newsweek magazine in 2013, and received the prestigious Yuval award from The Cantors Assembly of North America and The Samaritan Medal of Peace and Humanitarian Accomplishments in 2013 respectively.

Rabbi Praver is determined that Newtown be remember as a bridge to a new and kinder world. He believes humanity can birth a culture of peace. There is something new and deeper we must all learn about Love. Love is a real power like thunder and lightning in the sky that can be observed, mastered and utilized to transform the world.

 A Spiritual Intention

The greatest gift humanity was given is the gift of intellect and the ability to intentionally Love even our enemies.

Just as we are capable of building skyscrapers and symphony orchestras, we can awaken within ourselves a spiritual intention.

Spiritual intent is the invisible substance that makes life a journey and something extraordinary for reasons we can't quite explain. We do not live by bread alone, but by the spirit of The Omnipresent. A spiritual intent, although invisible, can be seen in a persons eyes and actions seen everywhere.

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