Rabbi Shaul Praver

Rabbi  Cantor    Educator  Public Speaker

"The Newtown Rabbi" Available for Lectures

A Nationally Recognized Expert 

Rabbi Shaul Praver has served American Jewish communities since 1989. His training was in Israel between the years of 1981-1989, where he was ordained by Jerusalem's Rabbinate.  Rabbi Praver was also trained to be a professional Cantor, or Hazzan, by Naftali Herstik and Elli Yaffe at the Israeli School of Cantorial Art in Tel Aviv. Additionally, Rabbi Praver studied at Ohr Lagolah which prepared him as an educator, public speaker, community rabbi and pastoral counselor. 

Rabbi Praver is known as the Spiritual Leader of Congregation Adath Israel of Newtown, Connecticut - "the Newtown Rabbi." He became nationally recognized to millions when he ascended the stage on December 16, 2012 in the presence of President Barack Obama to intone the Hebrew memorial prayer, God Full of Compassion.  The prayer was broadcast on all national television networks. 

Rabbi Praver has since founded the national organization Global Coalition for Peace and Civility to substantially address violence in the United States.  Rabbi Praver also serves the State of Connecticut as a Prison Chaplain. Rabbi Praver was awarded the Samaritan Medal for Peace and Humanitarian Achievement in 2014, and was named Letter Writer of the Year Award by CAMERA in 2007.

Newtown Rabbi available for speaking engagements.