Rabbi Shaul Praver

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Shalom and Blessings

Make your wedding or bar/bat mitzvah a joyous, elegant event filled with pride and  laughter. Rabbi Shaul Praver will help you create a ceremony as unique as you are. Rabbi Praver is known nationally for his beautiful singing voice and personal, elegant style. Want to customize your wedding or bar/bat mitzvah service? Interested in having your simcha off-site at a distinctive location? Rabbi Praver is a highly creative, experienced person who will work with you to make your unique vision a reality. Rabbi Praver provides services for weddings,  bar/bat mitzvahs, funerals and unveilings. He also provides differentiated, private tutorial assistance for gifted and differently-abled children. Rabbi Praver, known to many as "the Newtown Rabbi," is also available for lectures and speaking engagements.

To bless and sanctify your marriage

The foundation of civilization is built upon marriage, which the bible calls kiddushin - sanctification.  When a bride and groom come together in a loving spirit with devotion in their hearts, the spirit of God dwells between them.  The wedding ceremony is joyous, filled with sacred moments wherein the marriage is elevated in prayer and song.  The event remains a wellspring of inspiration throughout the couples' lives. 

Rabbi Praver, "the Newtown Rabbi," will work with you to create the customized wedding ceremony of your dreams. Traditional or creative ceremony options are always easy with Rabbi Praver.  Rabbi Praver is easily accessible to couples in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. He is always available for destination weddings as well.

Whether you want to be married on the beach, in an apple orchard, museum, elegant hall or your own backyard, Rabbi Praver will go there with you.  Sit down and dream up your wedding plans with Rabbi Praver.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah: Celebbrate the entry to Jewish adulthood

Bar and Bat Mitzvah marks the entryway to young adulthood for Jews around the globe. This centuries old ceremony, in modern times, also signifies the forging of identity for today's Jewish boys and girls. The B'nai Mitzvah rite of passage builds pride,  self-esteem and self- confidence. 

Rabbi Praver helps families make this milestone their own. Not every standardized 

program is right for every child and family. Rabbi Praver will individualize a course of study and celebration day as unique as the chil5dren involved. Gifted and special needs children find a unique place of comfort with Rabbi Praver.

Rabbi Praver will customize the bar/bat mitzvah ceremony to meet the needs of the family. Traditional or creative ceremony options are available. Rabbi Praver will conduct the bar/bat mitzvah ceremony at a private, off-site location or in the synagogue. Rabbi Praver is easily accessible to families in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Destination ceremonies are available as well.

To find your unique place

People of all walks of life come together in the spirit of love.  A wedding is a celebration of a couples' love for one another and a celebration of love itself. 

Here in America, we have people from many cultural and ethnic backgrounds that find their way to the Jewish community. Judaism has a universal spiritual side and can creatively accommodate every culture and background.


Judaism was never defined by a particular race, but rather as a particular way of life, philosophy and set of commandments. The great sage Hillel said that the essence of the Torah is found in, "Love your neighbor like yourself."