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My first published book is out on Amazon ! THE LOVE ZAP, Harnessing the Power of Love to Transform the World

My Next book The Newtown Effect is coming out this Spring.  Click for a  FREE sneak preview.

Shalom and Blessings

 I just authored and published my first book, The Love Zap, which I think you will find inspiring. Even though the world has improved over time, we have a long way to go. Currently hate is increasing in our society and is showing up as antisemitism and general bigotry effecting several racial and religious groups. We are living in a time of cancel culture, incivility and unwillingness to try and understand other peoples' thoughts and feelings. It is all based upon fear and ignorance.

I am teaching specific methods in which you and I can harness the power of Love to transform our own lives and the world in which we live. Like the picture above of the waterfall, Love has the power to overcome everything in it's path. Love is a light that banishes darkness. Love, like light rolls away darkness, ignorance and constricted consciousness that beget fear and violence. These methods of Love Mastery are contained in The Love Zap and is available on Amazon. I encourage you to acquire it, read it and join the movement of Love Zappers. All we need is thirty-six people enrolled who understand that the power of love is cultivated through selfless giving to others without an expectation of a reward. If we can attract just thirty-six people to embrace this, we will transform the world! History shows that it was always just a few people who understood basic things very deeply who succeeded in changing the world. Its not how much they knew, but how deeply they knew it. Harnessing the power of Love requires mastery of basic spiritual modes of being in the world. That's what I teach.

I will be blogging about it and accepting students who understand what I am saying. The Love Zap project is not for followers but for leaders. When you give to others without an expectation of a reward such as money and honor, the "Ohr Ha'ganuz," the hidden primordial light of creation, begins to shine through you. It is seen by all except you. In fact, for this deeply mysterious light to shine through you, you can't know it's happening. It is an ancient paradox which I discuss in The Love Zap. The moment you look and try to see this light shining through you, it' s gone! It's like light waves turning into particles when you view them. Modern physics and Kabbalistic concepts come together in The Love Zap.

Ohr Ha'ganuz is the desire the Omnipresent has to create worlds and fill them with life--- even autonomous life in The Omnipresent's image as found in human beings. If you understood what I just said, this means I have touched something very deep in your soul and it means you can touch deep places in others people souls as well. It also means we are kindred souls and we have the potential to Love Zap the world in a manner that can be demonstrated and observed. Shalom and Welcome. 

The Omnipresent is Found in Nature

The word מדבר meaning desert has the same letters as "he speaks" whose root is דבר. The homiletic teaching upon my heart is:

Prophets tend to encounter words of wisdom from deserts and wilderness expanses. Likewise, when we leave the city and the noise of our mundane existence, we find our deepest words and hidden wellsprings of inspiration where our spirit naturally expands. In the seclusion and stillness of nature, there is more room to hear the sound of God's voice-- meaningless chatter is silenced.

When we leave the "boundaries" of our usual mundane existence, we find soulful "words" to "speak." In order for our lips to utter higher wisdom through living words that move hearts and stir spirits, we must go beyond our mundane boundaries into the wilderness where everything is still. There, a still small voice is always speaking and can be heard again.

Our modern industrial society has separates us from nature. The numerical value of Elohim [God as manifest in nature] is 86 and the numerical value of Ha'Teva, Nature, is 86. When The Omnipresent says, "I am your healer," we can understand from the numerical similarity that the Omnipresent's healing is delivered through nature. An industrial society far too removed from nature like ours begets far too many illnesses of the spirit. The movement back to nature allows for health and the return of the prophetic spirit that has hope and profound Love. Therapy should be done whenever possible in outdoor nature settings. When I offer spiritual counseling, I walk with my clients in beautiful outdoor settings. I allow The Omnipresent to be there in the therapeutic process through nature. It is the missing piece in modern day counseling. The still small voice in nature delivers healing. The prophetic voice is healing. We all have access to the prophetic voice.

Creating Space for Spiritual Practice

Everybody Racing Somewhere

By Shaul Marshall Praver copyright 2019

Everybody racing somewhere

But don’t know they’re

Already there

Searching for somethin’ in the world outside

That breaths within

Like the eye that sees all

Except the eye itself

There are somethings we’ll never see or be but can still stretch forth into eternity.

Feeling like you’re far behind

But that’s just your poor state of mind

It’s your inner space

That will advance your human race

You don’t need a sports car

To be who you really are

You don’t need a mask for this task.

Butterflies are free

but wings must grow

In darkness before majestic light

Ancient love so true

Darkness done lost its hold on you

Love like thunder like lightening too,

It strikes your heart

Through and through

You are anointed and duly appointed

As a spirit guide

From which you cannot hide

It’s your destiny that brought you here

Your plaintive cry in the ionosphere

You have been born

and delivered

Your laughing voice rings

out so clear

In the wilderness

for all civilization to hear.

You shed your tears and spill

No blood

You rose up strong before the flood

Your inner voice sang its song

World’s Ridicule and distain

Enjoyed no fame

Two of every kind fit in your domain

Sovereign King made it real again

Retrace your steps through royal embrace

Take it at a nice and easy pace

‘cause slow and steady wins the race.

Nothing Is As it Seems

A Stone, a planet, a Galaxy

By Shaul Marshall Praver

It’s been discovered before and we’re at the dawn of this seismic shift once again.

Universes are living within us and within a tiny stone we playfully hold up to the sun.

Macro worlds and micro worlds becoming aware of each other.

Small is not less powerful than big and things in our bodies could be further away from us than distant galaxies.

It depends less upon spatial distance and more upon states of consciousness that draw things closer because they exist inside of us too; we are particle and wave simultaneously not interchangeably.

Worlds live within worlds for the Omnipresent was in this place but we knew it not; a makeshift stone pillow was really the foundation stone of a celestial temple and a ladder was really a portal of primordial light beings governing our planet.

It all happened in a dream and a world we spoke into existence manifested there with invisible roots planted here.

Those whom we created there thought we had abandoned them, just as we once thought the Omnipresent abandoned us here; we failed to see the mountains before our eyes suspended by threads.

We saw and understood after we summoned truth that nothing is far, everything is near; dreams are portals straddling the veil like Jacob’s ladder reopened the gates of heaven.

Universes hung on threads; micro worlds spoke to macro worlds; inner and outer tree rings realized their kinship in the tree; nothing was lost; all was near; death was a lie; life transformed; and what was then is now too.

We build our heavens before we depart, like spiders weave their webs from threads created from within themselves; butterfly’s spin their cocoons when they are just caterpillars.

Things forgotten from the angel’s touch upon the lip are remembered from light streaming out of words uttered between the wings of cherubim.

Betzalel danced in shadows cast under Ezekiel’s chariot; children played like Ephraim and Menashe played, they held up a tiny stone to the light that moved unseen worlds; movement was invested with intention, purpose and a belief in phenomenal mysteries where a stone is a planet, a poem is a galaxy and a lament is a universe.

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